Integrate CodeB into Auth0 as Enterprise Connection

The Self-Sovereign Identity System of CodeB does not only support W3C DID’s but comes also with an inbuilt OpenID Connect (OIDC) Identity Provider. OpenID Connect meets distributed Self-Sovereign Identities. Integration of the Identity Provider into existing systems is extremely easy. In this article we use Auth0 as an example: Go to: Authentication -> Enterprise Connections -> … Read more

Capabilities Matrix

The Capabilities Matrix is made of Verifiable Claims with a special syntax for the “ClaimType“. When using a dot notation for the ClaimType number (like OIDs) a claim becomes an entry in the Capabilities Matrix. For example number 1.1, 1.4.5, 2.1343.1, etc. The Capabilities Matrix can also be used for Commercial Attributes. Up to 7 … Read more

SMS Gateway with Instant Settlement

This website ( mainly focuses on Automation API ‘s for Identities and Settlement. As every node in our chain contains an inbuilt SMPP v3.4/5.0 compliant SMS Gateway we are going to use this gateway for a real life showcase of instant SMS Settlement. It is also a great solution for SMS Hubbing. The gateway does … Read more

SSI linked Off-Chain Storage

All data written to our distributed Off-Chain Storage is always fully encrypted. The random encryption keys can automatically be linked to a Self-Sovereign Identity. It is still suggested that never clear text data is submitted to those functions. Save2DistributedFileStorage The function Save2DistributedFileStorage is part of the Off-Chain Namespace and requires five input parameters: Data: Your … Read more

Verifiable Claims (VC)

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is an emerging concept associated with the way identity is managed in the digital world. Users should be able to create and control their own identity, without relying on any centralized authority. When interacting in the digital world, we can consider three different situations concerning the possibility of disclosing the real identity … Read more

SSI Funds

Of course it is also possible to transfer funds from your Self-Sovereign Identity using the mobile wallet. If you use address “me” the funds will be transferred to your own public key. Should you be operating your own node kindly also have a look at our web services APIs. Note: For KYC/AML reasons transfer limits … Read more

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

Identity is at the core of each and every interaction. While the required level of trust between identities can vary from one interaction to another, the necessity to exchange it in a secure and privacy preserving manner is universal. We implemented our identity system as “distributed Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)”. Kindly note that it is fully … Read more