Blockchain SMS Client and SMPP Gateway (bSMSC)

As every of our blockchain nodes contains an inbuilt SMPP Gateway (bSMSC) our Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) frontend contains a SMS Client.

Kindly note that the inbuilt SMS Gateway works also perfectly as a SMS Hub.

When you login for the very first time you need to create an account (Create a Key Pair) or import an existing account.

Your Blockchain Address will be your login. Additionally you need to write down your Mnemonic Phrase as that will be required if you ever forget your account details or when you need to change your password.

To make testing easier we created a test account for you:

Address/Login: 0x8274d660759f3baba9c9f1aa748c1dae956966f1

Password: test

In order to send SMS you need:

  • Enough GAS (only the initial GAS needs to be supplied by a Node Operator. After that accounts are topped up automatically)
  • Enough balance on your Self-Sovereign Identity Account. (we transferred some coins to the test account)
  • In SMS -> SMS Settings you need to set a dedicated SMS Password.

All above steps are available as web services API as explained on:

Send SMS

You can now start sending SMS with the inbuilt SMS Client. It is also possible to connect via SMPP. Just use your SSI Address as SystemID and the SMS Password you set in the SMS Settings as your SMPP Password.

Kindly note that on the test server we have not enable all SMS routes but only routes to some few countries. Contact us if you would like us add a route to your country. If you use a target number starting with 4711 the SMS will be routed to an internal simulator and discarded.

Note: All APIs are available as Web Service as explained on: