SIP Bridge Client

As the CodeB SIP Bridge and VPN consists of the server- and client component it is essential that the client side is as easy as possible to use install and use. Additional to the stand-alone client we also integrated it into our CodeB System Tray Control.

The system tray control is a single file executable which does not require any installation at all.

To configure the client just right click on the system tray, choose SIP -> SIP Settings and configure the remote and local SIP VPN endpoints.

Once you configure the SIP Settings you can can right click again on the system tray and choose SIP -> Start.

Note: If you use the CodeB SIP Phone there is no need to use the SIP VPN / Bridge Client as it is build directly into the SoftPhone

Please see a sample configuration below:

Please note: If you use as Local IP some SIP Phones might not work

Configure your local SIP Phone

When you configure your local SIP Phone please use the configured Local IP and Local TCP Port as SIP Server and SIP Proxy. Please see also a screenshot of a sample configuration for MicroSIP below:

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