CodeB Video Conferencing

Over the past few weeks home working and remote communications have become the norm for many. For many companies, this was already an integral way of keeping in touch with customers and co-workers, while others have needed to adapt to this form of communication. Certainly, the current situation has altered the landscape of how businesses operate and will most likely continue to do so.

Originally programmed for our KYC Video Identification we now created a standalone version of our Video Conferencing System to become a driver supporting this type of communication.

Our system is a HTML5-based web application. Unlike many other web conferencing systems that require you to install software, our system runs within your web browser. You click a link and your browser joins the audio or video bridge. There is no plugin to download, no software to install. Our system provides high-quality audio and video.

We do not require attendees to sign up, disclose their email address or even disclose their birthdate. This enables your meetings to be truly barrier-free.

Meetings work on a vast number of common browsers such as Google Chrome, New Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Users on the new Apple Safari, on macOS (Catalina) and iPad (iOS 13) are now able to naively join meetings directly with their built-in browser – no apps required.

Mobile support

Our system has a “mobile first” responsive design. We not only tried to keep the design as simple as possible but designed the user interface (UI) to first run on a mobile device. Like the desktop, there is no mobile app to download or install.

Supported are iOS version 12.2+ and Android version 6.0+. To join a session, you click a link within the browser. It is really simple as that!


  • Fully developed as HTML5 Responsive App.
  • Encrypts media end-to-end via SRTP (true E2EE). All the time. For all sessions. This isn’t optional, but mandatory.
  • Streaming uses SCTP instead of TCP/UDP.
  • Signalling works ONLY via HTTPS. It won’t work on HTTP sites, so your signaling is forced to be secure.
  • No client software installation needed.
  • Fully end to end encrypted. Even in multiparty conferences.
  • Screen, Application and Browser Tab sharing.
  • Can be embedded as iframe in any existing web application.
  • Server for own data center installation available.
  • Does not require to reconfigure firewall or to setup a TURN Server.
  • GDPR compliant.
  • Can be styled with own CSS for corporate identity.
  • OEM Version available.


On top of SCTP, SRTP provides these security characteristics:

  • Integrity. The receiver client can validate that no man in the middle has changed the packet sent from the originator along the way.
  • Privacy. No one intercepting the traffic can read it because it is encrypted.

Try it:

  • Go to
  • Enter Conference Room Name (or keep random one) and click “Create Room” (blue icon).
  • Send Conference Room Name or the conference link to your participants.


  • Click on the conference link and you will automatically be joined


  • Go to
  • Enter Conference Room Name and click “Join Room” (green icon).

Thats it!

Please note: Free connections have a reduced frame rate and video resolution!

Kindly note that is a test server. Not only that it is limited in bandwidth but also it can always happen that we disconnect running conferences due to software upgrades.

If you need access to our live servers kindly send an email to

Below you find an embedded conference phone. Just press the blue button to open the room!