Improve your cashflow by 100% and kill “dead money”

Fast, Secure. Cost-effective. Everything your bank isn’t.

Because settlement is instantaneous between two parties – you and your trading Partner- it kills ‘dead money’ that arises when your money is sat with the banks while they transfer or use intermediaries to move your money within the international space. A member can now enjoy 100% utilization of its own cash simply by eliminating the need for banks and using our system to settle with their trusted industry suppliers.

For example, Member A’s total annual revenue is USD 500m pays out twice a month on a 15 by 15 contract to another Member. Member A’s supplier invoice is USD 24m paid bi-monthly with 5 days delay on each occasion. The cashflow impact of using a bank to settle is USD 1m x 5 days/365 * 24 = USD 328,767 each year tied up in trading just using a bank to complete international settlements. Not only will you improve your cashflow, good payers can also negotiate better payment terms, so it’s a win win situation all round.

Our settlement token don’t sit on open exchanges and can only be exchanged from one verified account holder to another.
There is no 3rd party involved such as Banks or their intermediaries. So you can say goodbye to cashflow issues and hello to 24/7 settlements with no cut offs, Bank holidays or weekends – you just settle in seconds between Members whenever you like.