Add Claim to Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

A claim is a qualification, achievement, quality, or piece of information about an entity’s background such as a name, government ID, payment provider, home address, or university degree. Such a claim describes a quality or qualities, property or properties of an entity which establish its existence and uniqueness. If a claim has been attested by … Read more

Encrypted Data Sharing

With the traditional RSA cryptography it is easy to share encrypted data between multiple parties. Mechanism known from RSA do not work like that if you have to work with elliptic curves in blockchain environments. For example in blockchain environments not the public key is known by the public public but the hash of the … Read more

CodeB Mesh

Built into every CodeB Node the CodeB Mesh Network is a side channel network in which nodes communicate with each other in a point-to-point fashion, rather than communicating with each other via a centralized access point such as in a star topology. Infrastructure nodes connect directly, dynamically and non-hierarchically to as many other nodes as … Read more