Mobile Wallet

Our Progressive Mobile Wallet is a HTML5/JavaScript based mobile blockchain wallet to host your private key and to access smart contracts running in the blockchain.

The private key saved in your wallet will never ever leave your browser/phone and is also stored AES encrypted in your browsers secure storage. Nevertheless you can always remove the key from your device with just clicking any logout/logoff button.

The Wallet URL is: (keys hosted in the wallet itself)

Kindly note that you can use one of our test accounts to logon:

Mnemonic Phrase: narrow comfort come resist only giraffe where hero quiz layer royal ill

Another Wallet uses keys hosted on the server and is suggested only to be used by Node Operators. the URL is:

You can generate your own Mnemonic Phrase here:

It is very easy to get started. All you need are some initial coins. Request them from

Customers can style their own version of the Wallet via CSS Stylesheets.

Default Style of Wallet