Use CodeB SSI as OIDC Identity Provider for NextCloud

The Self-Sovereign Identity System of CodeB does not only support W3C DID’s but comes also with an inbuilt OpenID Connect (OIDC) Identity Provider. OpenID Connect meets distributed Self-Sovereign Identities.

Integration of the Identity Provider into existing systems is extremely easy. In this article we use NextCloud as an example.

  1. Install the NextCloud App called “Social Login”
  2. Go into NextClouds Settings and choose “Social Login” in Administration.
  3. Add “Custom OpenID Connect” provider and use the settings shown at the right.
  4. Enter random values in ClientID and ClientID.
  5. You are done. Login is now showing as on the image below.

To configure WordPress is explained HERE.

We also have a generic JavaScript Library. More HERE.

Note: Contact us for demo credentials or use our public test account with username: codebdemo and password: test