Transfer Token

The most common used payment function is TransferToken which is located in the namespace settlement. Should you require “Split Payments” kindly look HERE.

The function requires three input parameters:

SenderAddress: Address of the sender of the token. If a password is specified to unlock the account the password has to be for this address.

RecipientAddress: The address of the recipient. The address can also be a Self-Sovereign Identity.

TokenAmount: The amount to Token to be transferred.

FeePayer: Optional to define who pays the fees. If left empty or 0 the sender will pay the fees. If set to one the recipient will pay the fee and if set to two the fees will be split 50/50.

CoinName: Optional Name or Address of the Token to be transferred. If left empty the default Token (in this case here CodeBCoin) will be used.

Password: Optional parameter to be used to trigger automatically the account unlock for the account specified in SenderAddress.

Once you submitted the transaction you get the transaction hash as a return value. You an use that hash to verify that your transaction has been minted into a block. That can be done with function GetReceipt in the Tools namespace. GetReceipt returns the minted block number as HEX value.

If you want to use the progressive web app to transfer funds kindly use the following URL:

Transfer Token With Identity

Our distributed Self-Sovereign Identities (SSI) can receive and transfer funds as any other identity. Since a SSI does not have its own private key many consider transfers via Identity contract as more secure.

First you need to create your Self-Sovereign identity with the function CreateIdentity from the Identity Namespace. Once you created that the identity can right away receive funds.

Please note that every identity has a parameter defining the max. amount of coins the identity can transfer. The default value is 0. That means a new Identity Contract cannot transfer funds unless an account with admin or minter right increased that limit.

To the the current limit of a given SSI Contract you call function GetIdentityERC20Limit from the Identity Namespace.

To increase that limit an account with minter or admin rights needs to call the function SetIdentityERC20Limit from the Identity Namespace.

If the limit is greater than 0 you can transfer with the command TransferTokenWithIdentity from the Settlement Namespace. The function requires one more input parameter than the function TransferToken explained above. This parameter IdentityAddress is the address of your identity contract.

If you want to use the progressive web app to transfer funds kindly use the following URL:

Get Started

It is very easy to get started. All you need are some initial coins. Request them from or use our test account HERE.

You can also use our Wallet and go to

To make testing easier we created a test account for you:

Address/Login: 0x8274d660759f3baba9c9f1aa748c1dae956966f1

Password: test

Note: CodeB is a testnet. Transactions do not have any real value!