Settlement Namespace

Service Description:

Because settlement is instantaneous between two parties – you and your trading Partner- it kills ‘dead money’ that arises when your money is sat with the banks while they transfer or use intermediaries to move your money within the international space. A member can now enjoy 100% utilization of its own cash simply by eliminating the need for banks and using our system to settle with their trusted industry supplier.

Our inbuilt innovative blockchain payment system is designed and developed by Aloaha Software. The system provides a single unified global payment platform that is accessible by all subscribers.

The easiest way of triggering a settlement is using our progressive wallet app ( It also guarantees that your private key is never leaving your web browser.

If you are operating your own node and you need to automate settlement and payment services then the Web Services are the right way forward.

Every Blockchain Node contains a SMPP compliant SMS Gateway with Instant Settlement. More HERE.

Kindly note that every node supports the creation of ZUGFeRD Invoices and has an eForms Designer inbuilt.


  • Connect with your business partner on a single platform
  • Discover synergies between existing services


  • Unified cross-carrier payment platform
  • Quick integration with legacy telecom systems
  • Comprehensive APIs and SDK (Server and Client based)

Possible Use Cases

The most common settlement functions are:

Transfer Token

Mint Token (address needs minter permission)

Burn Token (address needs minter permission)

Split Payments

In the daily “Settlement Business” there are cases whereby received funds must be directed automatically to the supplier but keeping a commission for the “deal maker”. Of course the buyer must not know the supplier. More HERE.


Our voucher system is a unique system to transfer funds to a number account for which no private key exists. Who knows the number can redeem the voucher. This is ideal to send funds to organizations which do not have yet a blockchain account. Vouchers can also be used as a top up medium.

Create and Redeem Voucher

Get Started

It is very easy to get started. All you need are some initial coins. Request them from or use our test account HERE.

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