Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC)

Achieve real world identity verification to meet KYC compliance

In today’s digital world, identity matters. Are your customers who they say they are? Can you know for sure? Fight fraud and onboard real customers, faster with our inbuilt eForms Solution for identity verification and authentication solutions.

Once the customer submitted the KYC Forms you can validate his identity with the inbuilt Video Ident System. Also have a look at our KYCplanet.

We prepared two simplified eKYC eForms for you. One uses the Blockchain authentication and can obviously only be tested if you have a CodeB Identity (contact us in case you need one)

The link is: https://forms.codeb.io/pdfforms.aspx?fid=kyc

We also prepared a testform without any authentication: The link is:


All eForms are hybrid forms. That means that any form is delivered as static HTML, responsive HTML or PDF. Which type of form is delivered is decided by the form server itself – depending on your devices capabilities.

Of course it is possible to access the different types directly. Just try the three links below:




Note: Form data can be linked to your Self-Sovereign Identity