SMS Gateway with Instant Settlement

This website ( mainly focuses on Automation API ‘s for Identities and Settlement. As every node in our chain contains an inbuilt SMPP v3.4/5.0 compliant SMS Gateway we are going to use this gateway for a real life showcase of instant SMS Settlement. It is also a great solution for SMS Hubbing. The gateway does … Read more

Blockchain SMS Client and SMPP Gateway (bSMSC)

As every of our blockchain nodes contains an inbuilt SMPP Gateway (bSMSC) our Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) frontend contains a SMS Client. Kindly note that the inbuilt SMS Gateway works also perfectly as a SMS Hub. When you login for the very first time you need to create an account (Create a Key Pair) or import … Read more

Inbuilt SMS Gateway

Every node of the chain has its own SMPP v3.4/v5.0 compliant SMS Gateway build in. Like this any node can be used as SMS Aggregator / SMS Proxy or Load Balancer with instant SMS Settlement. Features: Processes SMS messages with delivery receipts Forward received SMS to destination SMSC (Short Message Service Center) via least cost … Read more