The way to Zero Trust Security. Never Trust. Always Verify!

The journey to Zero Trust starts with identity. CodeB allows you to authenticate and authorize every user and device – a key component of a Zero Trust strategy. Don’t let identity security be a barrier for your changing workforce. As remote work accelerates and IT manages more apps and devices than ever before, identity helps … Read more

CLI Spoofing / OBR Fraud

Increasing numbers of mobile operators within the European economic area have introduced origin based rating (OBR) for voice termination. German mobile network operators introduced significant surcharges in mobile termination rates (MTRs), based on the country of call origination, with differences as much as €0.20 per minute (a 1,000% increase) and further surcharge penalties for calls … Read more

SMS Gateway with Instant Settlement

This website ( mainly focuses on Automation API ‘s for Identities and Settlement. As every node in our chain contains an inbuilt SMPP v3.4/5.0 compliant SMS Gateway we are going to use this gateway for a real life showcase of instant SMS Settlement. It is also a great solution for SMS Hubbing. The gateway does … Read more

Blockchain SMS Client and SMPP Gateway (bSMSC)

As every of our blockchain nodes contains an inbuilt SMPP Gateway (bSMSC) our Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) frontend contains a SMS Client. Kindly note that the inbuilt SMS Gateway works also perfectly as a SMS Hub. When you login for the very first time you need to create an account (Create a Key Pair) or import … Read more