CodeB distributed SIP Proxy

The CodeB distributed SIP Proxy is a high-performance Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) stateless proxy for distributed routing and SIP signaling sanitizing. By forwarding requests between call-control domains, the CodeB distributed SIP Proxy provides the means for routing sessions within enterprise and service provider networks. CodeB distributed SIP Proxy provides many features including SIP trunk aggregation, name resolution, routing, load balancing, scalability, and high availability.


  • SIP signaling sanitizing and normalisation.
  • SIP trunk aggregation.
  • Protocol Translator TCP <-> UDP.
  • Encryption Gateway SSL <-> nonSSL.
  • Stir/Shaken Header analyser.
  • Stir/Shaken Bridge.
  • Stir/Shaken Signer
  • Realtime CBAN Fraud Mitigation integration.
  • Small footprint of less than 100kb.
  • 100% managed code.
  • Plugin APIs to extend features with own managed code.
  • Integration with CodeB SMPP Gateway/Proxy.
  • Standalone SDK as .net library available.
  • Included in every CodeB Node.
  • SIP VPN Server built in.
  • Optional integration into CodeB Identity Services can combine trunks and lines with strong identities.

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