Blockchain eForms

Together with our Blockchain solution we developed a fully Blockchain integrated eForms Solution based on our eForms Server: The eForms Solution is part of every node.

The inbuilt eForms Solution includes an online WYSIWYG Editor available at: (contact us for demo logon credentials)

For example for eKYC (without authentication):

Obviously you can authenticate to our eForms directly with your electronic wallet:

Generic Document Registration Form (without authentication)

You can simply design such electronic forms with our online WYSIWYG Editor. (ask for test credentials)

It is also possible to create forms which convert your data into a ZUGFeRD eInvoice:

Released forms will work as responsive HTML version on any mobile device, as static HTML Version on your desktop machine and as PDF in your Adobe Reader.


  • Add new PDF form fields to any existing PDF file.
  • Create a new PDF from scratch.
  • Add Form Fields, Images, Plain Text, Function Buttons, tables, etc.
  • Change font, color and font size.
  • Apply validation scripts to each form field (Regular Expression based)
  • Cascaded documents. A document can depend on one or more documents (letterheads)
  • Attachments can be added to the form prior submitting
  • Existing forms can be cloned so save time for new forms.
  • Release and publish PDF Form to our online PDF Form Filler.
  • Automatically generate PDF forms AND responsive HTML Forms.
  • Capturing of Signatures.
  • Applying of digital X509 Signatures.
  • Blockchain Authentication.
  • Blockchain payment.
  • Mobile Wallet integration.
  • User Management.
  • Group Management.
  • Supports electronic eInvoicing standard ZUGFeRD.
  • Optional BlockChain support. For example publish the digest of form submissions to a blockchain as proof of existence, pay form fees via BlockChain or even authenticate user.

Ask for your personal username/password in case you are interested to test the solution!