Blockchain X.509 Certification Authority

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is the standard today to enable secure communication over the web, sign document or to encrypt sensitive data. PKI comprises digital certificates managed by the certificate authorities (CAs) to verify the user’s identity. However, the security of PKI is unfortunately reliant on the reliability of these third-party CAs. This serves as … Read more

Global Carrier Awards 2022

We are very pleased to announce that CodeB’s “Decentralized Digital Identity Ecosystem” has been shortlisted for the 2022 Global Carrier Awards in the category: Best Blockchain / Security Innovation. The Global Awards by Capacity Media will be held in London on October 19. Thank you once again for recognition of our innovative blockchain solutions which … Read more

CodeB distributed SIP Proxy

The CodeB distributed SIP Proxy is a high-performance Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) stateless proxy for distributed routing and SIP signaling sanitizing. By forwarding requests between call-control domains, the CodeB distributed SIP Proxy provides the means for routing sessions within enterprise and service provider networks. CodeB distributed SIP Proxy provides many features including SIP trunk aggregation, … Read more

Windows Credential Provider Support

Windows Credential Providers are the primary mechanism for user authentication—they currently are the only method for users to prove their identity which is required for logon and other system authentication scenarios. With Windows 10 and the introduction of Microsoft Passport, credential providers are more important than ever; they will be used for authentication into apps, … Read more

CodeB Identity as Cloud Drive

As the CodeB Identity Wallet can act also as Vault for your valuable documents it is essential that access to your document is not limited to the web interface. With the CodeB Virtual Disk it is possible to mount your CodeB Wallet as virtual disk. Just launch the application, define your Wallet URL and Credentials … Read more

Identity Wallet now with distributed Document Vault

Storing and sharing your valuable documents in the cloud has many disadvantages such as lack of security, limited quotas and missing redundancies. CodeB’s Self-Sovereign Identities are built for the secure storage of valuable attributes and credentials. In combination with its distributed offchain storage system every identity contract can store and manage an unlimited amount of … Read more

Send authenticated but anonymous messages from Identity Wallet

Is the seemingly paradoxical notion of “Authenticated Anonymity” possible or is authentication essentially incompatible with anonymity? Anonymity and specifically sender anonymity have become essential requirements for many privacy-related applications. On the other hand, anonymity may be abused for various malicious activities. With the new feature “Authenticated Anonymity” CodeB addresses both with protocols for authenticated anonymous … Read more

CodeB Identity Wallet now available as PWA

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a revolutionary technology in the world of mobile-first eCommerce. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are web apps that use service workers, manifests, and other web-platform features in combination with progressive enhancement to give users an experience on par with native apps. It is a revolutionary technology in the world of mobile-first … Read more

Do not allow Credential Theft

Although cyber attacks have evolved in their targeting methods and external appearances, they often exploit a familiar set of organizational vulnerabilities. Today it has been a tough day for some identity providers. Unfortunately such breaches have some impact to everyone! Given all the recent high profile attacks and the current political situation we take the … Read more

OpenID Connect and OAuth2 in WIX

As with NextCloud, WordPress and Auth0 it is very easy to integrate CodeB’s Self-Sovereign Identities into other systems. To Integrate CodeB’s SSI into WIX follow the steps below: Add Values in “Secrets Manager” The following 4 values are essential for the OpenID Scripts to work: clientId: javascript clientSecret: CodeB scope: openid profile email picture short … Read more