CodeB assigns a Self-Sovereign Identity to every mobile device on this planet

A person’s identity is unique. It consists of a set of characteristics and traits which no-one else possesses and which define that person and make him/her identifiable to others. These are a constant and do not change over time. As a society we need to have the tools to verify that a person is who they say they are before granting them access to restricted or protected information or before a reservation – for both physical places and digital services, for example – is granted.

With the widespread use of the Internet and online services; the concept of a digital identity has appeared, which refers to any of the data which can be used to uniquely describe an individual and which contains information regarding the relationship between this individual and his/her online or digital activity.

In this context we can view the mobile phone as a perpetually connected, personal multi-use device which is always within individuals’ grasp. It has become a safe and comfortable enough device in that it contains its owner’s identity credentials, and as such securely integrates the attributes which unerringly identify the owner in both the physical and/or digital realms: a key element in the merging of physical and digital identities.

For that reason we decided to assign and connect any mobile phone on this planet with its own Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI).

  • store health files.
  • store academic certificates.
  • allow mobile operators to store records and invoices in your identity.
  • direct transfers of crypto tokens between mobile devices.
  • add Verifiable Claims (VCs).
  • secure message exchange.
  • encrypted and decentralized storage.
  • automatic topups for pre-paid mobile plans.
  • payback wallet for SMS advertising campaigns.
  • A2P customer can send bonus points to any mobile.
  • Secure key-exchange as protection against the “green men”.

The use cases for a SSI connect to a mobile are unlimited: