SSI linked Off-Chain Storage

All data written to our distributed Off-Chain Storage is always fully encrypted. The random encryption keys can automatically be linked to a Self-Sovereign Identity. It is still suggested that never clear text data is submitted to those functions. Save2DistributedFileStorage The function Save2DistributedFileStorage is part of the Off-Chain Namespace and requires five input parameters: Data: Your … Read more

Key Management

Our System offers two types of Key Hosting. It is possible to host the key on the client side (encrypted in the secure storage of your browser) or it can be hosted on the server itself. Server based Key Hosting If you are planning to use our Web Service APIs it is required to host … Read more


Received messages are automatically dumped into a mailbox on any node if the node hosts any of the recipients principal accounts. To enumerate received messages use function ListReceivedMessages. Parameters are: ChainAddress/ChainPassword Principal account credentials to decrypt a message. You can view any message in raw format via function RetrieveRawMessage. Retrieved messages can manually validated via … Read more


Messages created with CreateMSG2Group and CreateMSG2Address or viewed with RetrieveRawMessage can be validated with this function. Parameters are: JSONMessage The encrypted message in JSON format ChainAddress/ChainPassword The keypair to decrypt and validate the message.

MSG2Group and MSG2Address

With the functions CreateMSG2Group/SubmitMSG2Group and CreateMSG2Address/SubmitMSG2Address in the messaging namespace (for example you can send anonymous, but authenticated messages, as broadcast to all members of the group or directly to one identity contract or principal identity. Note: Functions ending with “Group” are broadcasting to all members of a group while functions ending with “Address” … Read more


For the messaging subsystem to work a Key Distribution Identity Contract is required. This contract triggers the function CalculateZKPKeys. ZKPs are distributed to all principal accounts registered with RegisterKeyInMemberSSI in their identity contract. You find the function CalculateZKPKeys in the messaging namespace. For example on: The functionality is also abstracted into the CommandLine Interface. Parameters … Read more


For the messaging subsystem to work it is essential to register the Self-Sovereign identity contract holding the key material with the Key Distribution Identity Contract. You find the function UpdateGroupList in the messaging namespace. For example on: The functionality is also abstracted into the CommandLine Interface. Parameters for the function are: MyGroupID The secure messaging … Read more


Messaging Keys remain anonymous to the system unless registered with the function RegisterKeyInMemberSSI. The function can be found in the messaging namepace. For example on: The functionality is also abstracted into the CommandLine Interface. Parameters are: MemberSSIAddress The address of the Self-Sovereign Identity contract for which the key is being registered. ChainAddress / ChainPassword … Read more

Verifiable Claims (VC)

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is an emerging concept associated with the way identity is managed in the digital world. Users should be able to create and control their own identity, without relying on any centralized authority. When interacting in the digital world, we can consider three different situations concerning the possibility of disclosing the real identity … Read more