Our vision

Our vision is the transformation of industry by successfully providing cutting edge technology for Blockchain Networks through decentralized Self-Sovereign Identity Systems (SSI).

Our achievements

CodeB is the blockchain product line of Aloaha Ltd. which has over 15 years of experience in cryptography, smartcard middleware technology (which supports more than 45 smartcards worldwide), ehealth files, Aloaha responsive eforms, eInvoicing (ZUGFeRD) and encrypted group video ident – KYC planet.

CodeB also has a fully – fledged crypto currency provisional framework in place which includes VallettaCoin® as a complementary platform for blockchain services willing to incorporate digital wallets or crypto currency in their systems.

Our innovation

The road towards accomplishing an API first reference system for the management of a self-sovereign identity platform is no longer a dream. CodeB is proud to announce that its blockchain line of products supports both “unicity” and “singularity” of identities whereby the associated challenges pertaining to the security and confidentiality of personal information and data have been resolved through our cutting edge technology.


Aloaha has won various awards including 2 awards for the Best Innovative Product by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) – Aloaha smartcard middleware and the Aloaha TimeNotary respectively.

Returns to gains

Our Decentralised Self Soverign Identity System (SSI) is a Driver for Economic Inclusion which is envisaged to revolutionize markets through optimization of resources. It provides for a complete automated online business opportunity from verification of customers’ or business partners’ identity to complete automated business cycles including in the financial sector.

In an era whereby the need for interoperable systems becomes increasingly global there emerges at the same time the opportunity for the establishment of an equally global and digital identity management system that preserves the privacy of users while adhering to compliance of global regulatory regimes for KYC and AML.

CodeB has developed an API first blockchain system which complements this vision. Our technology provides for interoperability and industry inclusion – Interoperability Plus – whereby the system does not only supports data security, verification and immutability but also it enables data management in line to General Data Protection Rules (GDPR). This works through pre – defined rules for the access, management and storage of data.

Project launch

CodeB is envisaged to be an Industry changer with the Telecom Industry as the preferred project choice in its launch, followed by other possible sectors including in the ambit of mobility and financial services.