Integrate CodeB into Auth0 as Enterprise Connection

The Self-Sovereign Identity System of CodeB does not only support W3C DID’s but comes also with an inbuilt OpenID Connect (OIDC) Identity Provider. OpenID Connect meets distributed Self-Sovereign Identities.

Integration of the Identity Provider into existing systems is extremely easy. In this article we use Auth0 as an example:

  1. Go to: Authentication -> Enterprise Connections -> OpenID Connect

2. Create Connection

3. Configure as shown below:

Note: Client ID and Client Secret can be set randomly.

You are ready now to use the CodeB OpenID SSI.

You can test our demo app via the link below:

We integrated the same demo also as OAuth2.

Note: Contact us for demo credentials or use our public test account with username: codebdemo and password: test

If you want to learn more about the workflow check our demo JavaScript Lib HERE