Identity Namespace

Service Description:

Identity is at the core of each and every interaction. While the required level of trust between identities can vary from one interaction to another, the necessity to exchange it in a secure and privacy preserving manner is universal.

There are two identities. One Identity is directly linked to your private key used for signing transactions. The other Identity is an independent smart contract on its own without any private key assigned to it.

We implemented our identity system as “distributed Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)”. Kindly note that it is fully ERC725/735 compliant plus some payment/settlement related functions.

In the self-sovereign identity (SSI) paradigm, individuals and objects are enabled to create and manage their identifiers in a decentralized fashion, without relying on a third-party identity provider. Unlike existing identity solutions that are structured from the perspective of the organization that provided the identifier (like PKI solutions), self-sovereign identities are structurally set out to work from the perspective of the individual or object that is the subject of a given identifier.

The Decentralised Self-Sovereign Identity is fully ERC Standards Interface compliant. Additionally it can be used as DID (W3C Decentralized Identifiers)

The inbuilt Claim System system allows to store any on-chain or off-chain claims, documents or properties. The System is tightly integrated with the Distributed Storage. This makes the Decentralized Self-Sovereign Identity System not only useful for natural persons but also for legal persons or objects.


  • Privacy and Security
  • Identify and authenticate users without having to reveal personal identifiable information in the blockchain


  • Leverages Aloaha Softwares Cross-Carrier Blockchain Technology and telecom carriers’ highly protected data centers
  • Uses Zero Knowledge Proof cryptography and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)
  • Enables issuing, storing and authenticating a user’s identification
  • Inbuilt settlement system
  • Inbuilt distributed off-chain storage

Possible Use Cases

  • Liberates individuals and enterprises from managing multiple accounts and passwords protecting against identity theft
  • Businesses and individuals share and verify encrypted digital identities without disclosing confidential or private information
  • Assign an identity to any route, contract or device to attach documentation via the distributed off-chain storage
  • Use an identity as Escrow for your Deals

Get Started

It is very easy to get started. All you need are some initial coins. Request them from or use our test account HERE.

Life Projects

Our SSI system is used for example by our our KYCplanet:

Note: CodeB is a test network ONLY!