OpenID Connect and OAuth2 in WIX

As with NextCloud, WordPress and Auth0 it is very easy to integrate CodeB’s Self-Sovereign Identities into other systems.

To Integrate CodeB’s SSI into WIX follow the steps below:

Add Values in “Secrets Manager”

The following 4 values are essential for the OpenID Scripts to work:

  1. clientId: javascript
  2. clientSecret: CodeB
  3. scope: openid profile email picture short wix
  4. DiscoveryURL:

Include CodeB’s Scripts

You need to include the public script “aloaha.js” and the backend script “aloaha.jsw”. Both scripts are based on our CodeB OpenID Connect Client Sample. More HERE.

Link scripts to button events

Now you import the scripts into your login page and link the exported functions to your button event.

That’s all. Your are done. Kindly contact us in case you require the scripts for your own WIX page.

You can also try it out. Go to and click on the button “Login via OpenID Connect”.

If you do not have an account you can use the test account: codebdemo with password: test or just contact us for your own test accounts.

You can log on to the SSI Portal via:

Just contact us in case you would like more information or your own test login.