Integrate CodeB into Auth0 as Social Connection

In our article “Integrate CodeB into Auth0 as Enterprise Connection” we explained how to integrate the distributed identities of CodeB into Auth0. But not every Auth0 subscription allows to create enterprise connections.

To integrate CodeB via plain OAuth2 (Social Connection) is very easy.

  1. Go to Authentication -> Social
  2. Press button “Create Connection”
  3. Use “” as connection URLs.
  4. Define scope “openid profile picture”
  5. Very important is the correct “Fetch User Profile Script”
    (contact us in case you need to know more)
Note: Client ID and Client Secret can be set randomly.
You are ready now to use the CodeB OpenID SSI.

You can test our OAuth2 Demo App via the link below:

Note: Contact us for demo credentials or use our public test account with username: codebdemo and password: test

If you want to learn more about the workflow check our demo JavaScript Lib HERE