Realtime Session2Session Communication

As the blockchain and also distributed storage systems are immutable they seem in many cases not the best way for point2point message transfers. Even though messages should be always encrypted they will remain in the chain. For that reason we introduced a Realtime Session2Session protocol bases on our Websocket Interface and JSON Messages. This protocol … Read more

Add key roles and permissions to Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

The creator of an identity contract holds per default full rights to his own identity. Additionally he can assign roles and rights to other keys and identities. For example to a backup key, a financial controller, the government to add verifiable claims, or a service like a SMS Hub to debit funds, etc. For example … Read more

Create Self-Sovereign Identity

Everything is an identity. Be it a natural or legal person, a switch, a router, a contract, etc. This means identities are at the core of each and every interaction. While the required level of trust between identities can vary from one interaction to another, the necessity to exchange it in a secure and privacy … Read more