Send authenticated but anonymous messages from Identity Wallet

Is the seemingly paradoxical notion of “Authenticated Anonymity” possible or is authentication essentially incompatible with anonymity? Anonymity and specifically sender anonymity have become essential requirements for many privacy-related applications. On the other hand, anonymity may be abused for various malicious activities. With the new feature “Authenticated Anonymity” CodeB addresses both with protocols for authenticated anonymous … Read more

HOWTO send authenticated but anonymous messages with the CodeB CommandLine Interface

With the new feature “Authenticated Anonymity“ CodeB addresses the need for authenticated but anonymous communication. Required function as not only exposed in the messaging namespace of our Web Services Interfaces but are also abstracted into our CommandLine Interface. To send an anonymous message at least three parties (Self-Sovereign Identities) are involved. Sender SSI Recipient SSI … Read more

MSG2Group and MSG2Address

With the functions CreateMSG2Group/SubmitMSG2Group and CreateMSG2Address/SubmitMSG2Address in the messaging namespace (for example you can send anonymous, but authenticated messages, as broadcast to all members of the group or directly to one identity contract or principal identity. Note: Functions ending with “Group” are broadcasting to all members of a group while functions ending with “Address” … Read more