Windows Credential Provider Support

Windows Credential Providers are the primary mechanism for user authentication—they currently are the only method for users to prove their identity which is required for logon and other system authentication scenarios. With Windows 10 and the introduction of Microsoft Passport, credential providers are more important than ever; they will be used for authentication into apps, websites, and more.

Microsoft provides a variety of credential providers as part of Windows, such as password, PIN, smartcard, and Windows Hello (Fingerprint, Face, and Iris recognition).

If you need more functionality than above our CodeB Credential Provider might be the right choice.

Perfectly integrated into Windows the CodeB Credential Provider allows the user to logon to Windows using CodeB Identities and to connect to shares or remote machines. The integrated filter enables the user to hide unwanted system credential provider for additional security.

For evaluation purposes the CodeB Credential Provider also supports plain USB Memory Sticks as Logon Token.

CodeB Credential Provider


  • 100% written in managed code.
  • Delivered as single .NET Windows Library (DLL).
  • Functionality configurable via settings.
  • Functionality customizable via own plugin library.
  • Based on Microsofts ICredentialProviderCredential2 interface.
  • Inbuilt Credential Provider Filter.
  • Supports plain USB Memory Sticks as logon token.
  • Supports a broad range of NFC Token as logon token. For example national identity cards, credit cards, Mifare, Mifare Desfire and many more.

How to install

  1. Just download the Credential Provider System Tray from:
  2. Unzip the tray to a location of your choice.
  3. Start codeb_tray.exe.
  4. You will now find the new CodeB system tray icon.
  5. Right click on the tray and click on “Credential Provider => Install” (Note: Elevated rights are required)
  6. Insert a USB Memory Stick and click “Credential Provider => USB Stick Credentials”
Install Credential Provider

Set Credentials

To link your Windows Credentials to the stick you need to enter your username, your windows password and optional your network domain.

The Logon PIN is not only used to encrypt your credential soft token but also you need it later to logon to windows.

Logon to Windows

To logon to Windows just plug your USB Memory Stick and choose the CodeB Logon Tile.

If you are not using Blockchain based logons you can leave the field Blockchain Alias free. Just enter your PIN into the PIN field and logon.

User Tile

If you are not using Blockchain based logons you can leave the field Blockchain Alias free.

In case you have stored more than one user on the USB Memory Stick then you can use the Blockchain field to hint the software which credentials to use. Then just enter your PIN into the PIN field and logon.

Generic Tile
Set Credentials