The way to Zero Trust Security. Never Trust. Always Verify!

The journey to Zero Trust starts with identity. CodeB allows you to authenticate and authorize every user and device – a key component of a Zero Trust strategy.

Don’t let identity security be a barrier for your changing workforce. As remote work accelerates and IT manages more apps and devices than ever before, identity helps you combat increasingly sophisticated attacks from bad actors. With identity-based authentication, you can have confidence that only the right people are accessing company resources.

Unfortunately stolen passwords are the most common cause of security breaches. Stronger password policies and training aren’t enough to protect your organization.

The solution is “Passwordless” and that doesn’t mean less security but “Passwordless” requires a strong identity foundation. CodeB leverages advanced authentication mechanisms to determine if users are who they say they are.

With risk policies you can make logins more secure and frictionless for everyone. Define access roles for the end-users of your applications and APIs, and extend your authorization capabilities to implement dynamic access control. Fully leverage the API economy with authorization capabilities, using scopes and granular permissions for first-party, third-party and non-interactive (machine to machine) client applications.

CodeB strengthens your organizational security and helps your employees get work done easier and faster.