Messaging Keys remain anonymous to the system unless registered with the function RegisterKeyInMemberSSI. The function can be found in the messaging namepace. For example on:

The functionality is also abstracted into the CommandLine Interface.

Parameters are:


The address of the Self-Sovereign Identity contract for which the key is being registered.

ChainAddress / ChainPassword

The ChainAddress/Password combination for an account which has owner or administrative rights for the MemberSSIAddress.


The address of the key to be registered


The password of the key to be registered. This is required to calculate the public key.


If the private key is not hosted on the same node the public key cannot be calculated. You can supply the public key with the parameter manually.

CommandLine Interface

c:\> codeb_cli.exe keys -a register -c <ChainAddress> -p <ChainPassword> -o <MemberSSIAddress> -k <MSGKeyAddress> -s <OptionalMSGKeyPassword>