Digital Signatures

Internally all transactions are being digitally signed automatically. If you need manually to sign some data you can do that easy with the function SignData from the identity namespace.

The parameters for SignData are:

Message: The data to be signed

ChainAddress: Your blockchain address

Password: The password to unlock your private key

Note: Obviously your private key must be hosted on the node used!

With the function ValidateSignature you can validate a signature. If the signature is correct the return value is the blockchain address of the signer.

The parameters for ValidateSignature are:

Message: The signed data

Signature: The Signature returned by SignData


If 0x890927F95D54f128B0163030fCd8016Bb62a0492 signs the string CodeB the digital signature is:


To validate the above signature you need to pass the Message CodeB and the signature to the function ValidateSignature: