For the messaging subsystem to work a Key Distribution Identity Contract is required. This contract triggers the function CalculateZKPKeys.

ZKPs are distributed to all principal accounts registered with RegisterKeyInMemberSSI in their identity contract.

You find the function CalculateZKPKeys in the messaging namespace. For example on:

The functionality is also abstracted into the CommandLine Interface.

Parameters for the function are:


The secure messaging requires members to be registered with one or several Group IDs. The value range is 0-9999. Group IDs could be for example country codes such as 49 for Germany. When CalculateZKPKeys is triggered it calculates the crypto material for all SSIs registered with that Group ID. You can register a SSI Address with the function: UpdateGroupList.


This specifies the address of the Key Distribution Identity Contract.


The address and password for an account being owner or administrator for the Distribution Identity Contract.

CommandLine Interface

c:\> codeb_cli.exe group -a updatezkps -i <MyGroupID> -c <ChainAddress> -p <ChainPassword> -g <GroupSSIAddress>